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Episode Turnabout Time Traveler. Turnabout Revolution : Pearl Fey - A spirit medium who is Maya Fey's younger cousin and a close friend to Phoenix Wright. Phoenix Wright's job is to find contradictions between the Insights and what is actually shown in the visions, which can lead to corrections to the Insights or visions, with the latter being explained as Rayfa focusing more carefully on specific aspects in order to reveal. Inga Karkhuul Khura'in - The Minister of Justice for the Kingdom of Khura'in, as well as husband to Queen Ga'ran.

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Nahyuta Sahdmadhi ist ein Mönch und internationaler Staatsanwalt aus Khura'in, der davon überzeugt ist, dass die Verurteilung von Kriminellen die Opfer erlösen würde. Später reisen die drei Anwälte zusammen mit Staatsanwalt Miles Edgeworth nach Khura'in, wo die Rebellen inzwischen einen Aufstand angezettelt hatten. There is also a limit sconti black friday giochi ps4 mediaworld to how much fingerprinting powder can be applied at a time, though the powder can be blown off to be reused. She is a witness to the case. Justice now goes forth to return the lands of the Red state people to its rightful owners. In the Far Eastern kingdom.

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